ACTORS’ Views On Genevieve Nnaji’s Netflix Breakthrough


ACTORS’ Views On Genevieve Nnaji’s Netflix Breakthrough


She, probably, needs no introduction as she’s the face of African Cinema who has graced the Silver Screen for more than two decades. Genvieve Nnaji is loved by all and adorned beyond the littoral states of the African Continent.

She has a passion for telling authentic African stories, and her recent work, “LIONHEART”, only accentuates this veracity.

LIONHEART is a film that centers on a businesswoman who’s obliged to work hard alongside her rivals in order to save her father’s bus company. Genevieve Nnaji, as the movie’s Director, also stars in it.

The film, “LIONHEART”, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2018 edition, and created a buzz when Netflix bought its worldwide rights.

LIONHEART is a mega deal to Nollywood–the Nigerian film industry–and to African Cinema generally, and, undoubtedly, puts Nollywood on a world stage.

ACTORS’ Views On Genevieve Nnaji’s Netflix Breakthrough

Here, we bring to you a few of the comments from different Actors, Producers, and Directors, on the monumental Netflix breakthrough with Genevieve Nnaji’s film: “LIONHEART“.

We shall start with the Nollywood veteran, Actress EUCHARIA ANUNOBI. She has this to say this about the Netflix breakthrough:

“What is expected of all of us is to keep doing works that will have international recognition. So for my sister doing that, kudos to her. More are coming and that’s what we should do. I mean, we should up our game. We shouldn’t just be laid back. We shouldn’t just be the sleeping giant. The giant of African needs to rise and take, you know, our wonderful place in the international sphere.”

Mr. OLUMIDE OWORU, Nollywood Actor and Producer, also shares his  mind, saying:

“I feel like it’s a really big deal. I feel like they know, and by ‘they’ I mean the world outside of, like Africa, they now know that there’s a need for African contents. There’s now a high demand for African contents, and I feel like a lot of that content is going to come from Nollywood. So I feel very privileged to be a part of Nollywood.

“And I look forward to more export from Nigeria to the rest of the world, because I feel like we are about to take over. There will be more Nigerian Actors winning international Awards and more Nigerian movie winning international Awards. I know that for sure.” —OLUMIDE OWORU


Actress JUMOKE ODETOLA hails the artistic works of Genevieve Nnaji as she utters:

“Genevieve has done the Nollywood Industry proud. She has done Nigeria proud. She has done the whole of Africa proud. She’s a pacesetter. She’s a legend. She is someone that I respect and that any movie maker should respect. Because she has sold us to the world in a good light. I can say she is the pride of Nollywood as we speak” —JUMOKE ODETOLA

ACTORS’ Views On Genevieve Nnaji’s Netflix Breakthrough

Actor and Producer, ARINZE OKONKWO, also voices his heartfelt views about the artistic contributions of Genevieve Nnaji:

“Oh! That’s a beautiful one. When I heard it, I was so excited, you know. Genny for me is somebody who has come out to stay. She stands out in everything she does. And that’s what I call Grace. She has a special Grace, and that Grace has taken her so far. She’s gonna be there because if God can use her to bring such a thing, I think it’s an open door for the movie industry– Nollywood–to do a lot of things. And American should watch it because we are coming very soon and very big”.  —ARINZE OKONKWO


Nollywood Actor, Director, and Producer, CHARLES INOJE, has this to say about the Director of “LIONHEART” and the future of the industry:

“The old Nollywood storytelling technique that she just imbibed. Simple African story, well told, and today, she’s on Netflix. A huge congratulations. If Genevieve can do it, I’m sure several other colleagues of ours can do it too. She has set the pace.” –CHARLES INOJE

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Nigerian Actor, RAY EMODI, expresses his delight on the feat of a film directed by a female colleague making her debut, even as a Director.

“Shout out to Genevieve Nnaji…I used to watch you when I was much younger. It’s so inspiring. It’s ridiculously inspiring for an African woman, a Nigerian woman, an Igbo woman…a Nigerian woman did this…” — (RAY EMODI)

Actor ROTIMI SALAMI also praises the queen, Genevieve Nnaji, for creating a bright, hopeful future in the film making artistry:

“This particular movie is the biggest so far that Nollywood has experienced. And trust me, as this has been activated, it would continue to flow…Thank you, Genevieve, for opening this door for us. God bless you big time” (ROTIMI SALAMI)


AYO ADESANYA, Nollywood Actress, being hopeful for the future, congratulates the queen on her achievements:

“I mean, for opening the door…has opened a lot of doors as well…our movies are going places right now, there are going international. We are really Global now so, Congratulations Genevieve for paving the way.” —AYO ADESANYA

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Nollywood Actor, LATEEF ADEDIMEJI, is  also inspired by the queen’s works, and hopefully comments:

“It’s the greatest thing that has happened to Nollywood because that’s what we are actually talking about. The fact that we are Nigerians or Africans doesn’t mean that we can’t match up to the world. Even when we can’t match up to Hollywood,… we can actually, to an extent, make ourselves recognize in a good way. And I think that’s what Genevieve has done. For me, it’s more of a motivation and it’s a boost to also wanna keep working hard that I can actually make that kind of mark someday in the nearest future. So it’s a good one for me.” —LATEEF ADEDIMEJI


Nigerian filmmaker, writer, event organizer, and columnist, Fidelis Ducker, did not reserve his opinions on the coup of “LIONHEART” and its Director, Genevieve Nnaji.

“For us, it’s not just for Genevieve but for the entire Industry. For me, the unique part of that movie is that the film was shot in 60% Igbo, that tells you that no matter the language Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, that you make a film, it’s for you to get the global attention. And of course, if you look at the Actors, the best of Nollywood were in that film. It was shot by indigenous filmmakers, and no foreign input. And what it tells me that for Genevieve first directorial debut– it’s her first time directing a movie– it shows that it’s not how long you have done it but how well you want to do it. And she’s done well.”  —FIDELIS DUCKER


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